“Earl Weaver stands alone as the greatest manager in the history of the Orioles organization and one of the greatest in the history of baseball. This is a sad day for everyone who knew him and for all Orioles fans. Earl made his passion for the Orioles known both on and off the field. On behalf of the Orioles, I extend my condolences to his wife, Marianna, and to his family.”

-Orioles Managing Partner Peter Angelos

The Orioles invite fans to please leave any condolences and memories of Earl in this guestbook blog’s comments.


Earl was a Pearl. He was the Orioles greatest manager. Probably one of the best managers in MLB!!!

I thank God for giving me the privilege to have seen Him manage. He was the most exciting manager and most knowledgable manager of all time. Will dearly miss You. You are doing something special under God. God Bless You.

Tony L; Miami

I remember getting Earl to sign my program back in 1983 when he was getting on the bus. He did sign it and I still have the program. Its a shame he didn;t stay on as the manager in 1983 when the Orioles won the World Series. Your the best Earl and you will be missed.

I remember growing up as a disadvantaged kid in the 60’s & 70’s, but our mother got my older brother (now gone and I the Birdland Club (18 games) for a vary low price. My brother and I spent our summers going to the game to watch the only baseball team that I will ever truly love. I remember going to see Mr. Earl Weaver manage his last game in 1983 just prior to shipping out to Korea. I have way to many memories to list here, but watching Mr. Weaver give those umpires hell as a kid was always a treat.
Mr. Weaver, I wish you could say hi to my brother, father and mother, who are all die-hard Oriole fans. There’s only the Oriole way!
Always in our hearts Earl, always in our hearts.
Tony S. Austin Tx.

In a bit of a different spin, Earl inspired the greatest baseball video game ever! Earl Weaver baseball was amazing in its day, with tons of customization and the graphics were awesome. I spent countless hours playing and entering statistics. I guess the best thing I can say here is that the great game was a reflection of the great man.

It was fun to watch my team,the Pirates ,beat his..but he was heckuva manager.rest in peace sir.

Loved the fact that no matter what, he stood his ground! often that ground got kicked on an umpire, but he stood it!

Missed greatly, but we, as fans, remember his legacy, his commitment, and dedication to the Oriole way!


One of a kind was Earl. Beloved by the game and made so many memories for the Orioles. He really was special.

For all your years of managing, teaching, and the time sacrificed from your family, the city of Baltimore and the baseball fans of our great nation truly thank you. You were one of a kind and definitely one of the greats.

Yours truly,
A 38 year old man with a heart and memories of the kid you so positively influenced.

Happy 83 birthday to the Earl of Baltimore! You were one of a kind Earl and you are sorely missed by all in Birdland !!

Always been,always will be an o’s fan. Remember many of the managers starting with Paul Richards through to Buck. Have to say Earl Weaver gave me more memories that I have shared with my daughter then most . I hate to single out a player, manager or executive over the others, but always had a special place for Earl!! Thanks for being an Oriole and thanks for being the bests!!!!

Love you, Earl. You were the best & we enjoyed your colorful way of standing up to the Umps on the field for our Birds. You are dearly missed. Hey Earl, are you talking STATS with God ? Till we meet in Heaven, rest in that big leather glove in the sky.

Is Showalter morphing into the Earl look OR WHAT?!? You know, all he has to do is storm the field one time, turn his cap around, get booted and the place would go wild.

Saw him at a pre-season game in Ft. Lauderdale several years back! What a thrill that was since he was such a major part of my life growing up in “Bawlmer”!

I have many fond childhood memories of being at the ballpark and watching Earl and the O’s. You can’t think about the O’s and not think of Ear. Wishing a happy birthday and many more to come!

Happy Birthday to the one and only EARL OF BALTIMORE !

A gentleman, competetor, and genius. Earl will always be remembered.

Along with Brooks,Frank,Boog,McNally,Cuellar,Palmer,Pauly,Blade,Eddie,Cal,etc.,etc. you were what the Oriole way was all about.Its so good to see it coming back.Thx for all those great years and memories.RIP Earl Weaver,you truly were “simply the best”

Happy birthday earl weaver. Just great manager and person always loved when you gave the umpires hell. Those were the glory seasons

I remember when The Earl took over as the manager in 1968. I was 9 years old and in his first game he shook up the team and you know something special was going to happen. Three 100 win season in a row. Gold gloves, M.V.P.’s , and Cy Young, rookie of the year awards were common in his rein. Than who can forget four 20 game winners on the 1971 team. Could all this have happen without The Earl maybe but I doubt it. Baseball is a better game today because of Earl Weaver.


Really miss him. Made me proud to be an oriole fan and more importantly a baseball fan. Sad that he never won a World Series as a manager. I have a feeling that today’s O’s are going to make him proud!! Lets win another one!

loved to see the orioles come to Oakland to play they A’s. Weaver was firey and his smoking in the dugout was hilarious. remember one of his relievers, he called two pack, because he would smoke two packs whenever he sent him out. so funny!

I enjoyed seeing Earl as a youth in Fitzgerald,GA when we had a team in the class D GA/FLA League in the 50’s. I remember one night when he leaped into the opposing team’s dugout and a fight broke out. I never knew what caused the problem but he maintained his fiery ways through out his career.

I often think of Earl when I remember going to baseball games with my dad. He never let you wonder what he was thinking. He was bold and unforgetable. His kicking dirt on home plate was just one of the memories that remains in everyone’s mind when they think of Earl. However, that should be only a small memory. He was a great manager of people and he truly loved the game, his players and most of all the fans. The game lost one of the greats this week and i personally will never forget him. My prayers go out to his family and to all the players that had the privilage of playing for him.

Hank, Bradenton, FL

When Earl did the O-R-I-O-L-E S cheer (Wild Bill Hagy Style)at home plate on the last day of the season –THAT was the GREATEST

All I can say when I need a boost, I go to you tube and watch Earl the Pearl ream out an umpire. Telling blue, “you’re here for one particular reason. To Fuck Us”. Then I go on with my day with some extra punch. I love Earl Weaver.

Many years ago Earl brought the Rochester Redwings to Richmond. The Braves had a dixieland band on the visiting dugout. Earl of of course complained to the umpires and management and got the fans going. The braves then offered free tickets to everyone that brought a horn or other noise maker the next night. What a racket !! Everyone had a great time , even Earl had a laugh. A GREAT MAN AND BASEBALL MANAGER.

Tough tough manager, great years and great great teams. Thanks for the memories EARL.

Spoiled brat that never grew up

To say Earl disliked losing would be an understatement. He was one of the most competitive managers in MLB history. Baltimore was fortunate to have someone with his skill and competitive spirit at the helm for all those years.

Will never forget the firer Manager from the Orioles. What a great mentor for so many players and future managers. WOW!! no words to express his contribution to Baseball!!! Will Be Missed by all………………

When I was young, I was a big fan of Hank Bauer. When they fired him and replaced him with Earl, I hated him because I was too young to know what happened to Hank…the manager I knew from my first visit at Memorial Stadium. After I got over that (and thanks to John Miller explaining it to me), I started understanding about what it takes to play and manage baseball and learned to not only respect him, but admire his tenacity and determination to make the Orioles winners. I saw him each time the Birds presented the bronze statues and always kicked dirt on the plate. He was a one of a kind

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The first and only World Series I went to was 1983, games 3 & 4. My dad specifically pointed out Earl as the best manager in the game and Eddie Murray as the best switch hitter/1st baseman. Though we’re not Orioles fans, I have never forgotten what my dad taught and told me. The Orioles, Earl & Eddie will always have a special place in my memories of baseball and great times with dad. Ah, fathers and sons playing catch together….

I have the best memories from childhood of Earl and the whole O’s gang. I’ll never forget our win against ‘The Big Red Machine’ in 1970. I’ll never forget the brim of Earl’s hat hitting off the umpire’s hat in the middle of his frequent arguments with them. You know his face was close to the umps! Entertaining AND smart, that was Earl. Oh, and let’s not forget his tomato gardens in the outfield. They were legendary. I think Elrod Hendricks played a part in them. What a hey day – there were so many O’s stars back in the day.

I started watching the orioles at a very young age Im guessing about 10 years old im 57 now and I still don’t miss a game, and boy do I remember those days when Earl would come on the field and turn that hat around and get nose to nose with the ump kick some dirt on the plate I think it added character to the game looking back now.I remember family members stop what they were doing just to watch Earl in that moment, it was fun to watch a man with so much passion for the game he loved. I know I miss seeing that It all seems to be about the money now,How times have changed.but I KNOW ILL NEVER FORGET #4 Earl the pearl, RIP Earl

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