“Earl Weaver stands alone as the greatest manager in the history of the Orioles organization and one of the greatest in the history of baseball. This is a sad day for everyone who knew him and for all Orioles fans. Earl made his passion for the Orioles known both on and off the field. On behalf of the Orioles, I extend my condolences to his wife, Marianna, and to his family.”

-Orioles Managing Partner Peter Angelos

The Orioles invite fans to please leave any condolences and memories of Earl in this guestbook blog’s comments.


My best wishes go out to Earl’s family and friends. Earl and the Orioles were such a big part of my childhood. The guys in my family would sit together and root on the Birds. In addition to being a great manager, Earl was a colorful character that always made games fun to watch. I will never forget him.

The Earl of Baltimore. He was the greatest manager the Orioles have ever had and he will be missed. My thoughts are with his family as Earl was one of kind.

Thanks a lot to Earl the Orioles had the winning-est organization in baseball in the 70’s and 80’s!

their will never be another manager like the Earl of Baltimore I wasnt born when he was manager but i had the privilege to meet him once he talked about playing low hit ball and then blasting a 3 run homer to see that system worked and the success the orioles had under his watch. but my condolences and prayers go out to his family. R.I.P. 4 In Earl we trust

I LOVED going to the games when Earl was manager. If nothing exciting was happening in the game, you could always count on Earl to provide some entertainment. He was a GREAT manager.

I can not remember a game that Mr. Weaver didn’t either get warned or thrown out of a game. He always had the players’ backs! He was truly a manager, that if I played baseball, I’d have wanted to play for. Those were the days when players didn’t move around as much, so I was lucky enough to see Boog Powell, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Davey Johnson, Jim Palmer, and many other great players!

He had teams that any manager dreamed of, and vice versa. Earl Weaver was one of the great managers!!

The great Earl Weaver was the best manager the Orioles ever had. I remember the battles that he use to have with the umpires and Jim Palmer. I always enjoyed going out to the games just to see The Earl of Baltimore battle these umpires. My best wishes go out to Earl’s family and friends. Thank you for the memories.

When I was a kid, Earl was our next door neighbor. He coached the Elmira Pioneers. During the winter months in NY my dad would make me shovel the Weaver’s driveway and sidewalks, for which Earl paid me $1.00. Earl, Kim and my dad were good friends. After Earl was send to Baltimore, he would send my dad (George Siglin) tickets to various games, playoffs and the world series. I remember Earl as a much younger man then the photo’s on this page show. All my memories of Earl and his family are good ones. It was a real pleasure to know him in real life, he was a “regular” guy.

In 1979 I was driving from Baltimore to Florida, & picking up the O’s-Indians on WBAL. I listened as Earl was tossed, and then he TORE UP THE RULEBOOK & threw it onto the field! The O’s kept falling behind and coming back, and finally, as the radio faded in South Carolina, pulled out the game! There was never any video I saw of this game, but to me, that game was the start of what became ORIOLE MAGIC!!! Wish I coulda seen it, but that memory stands out in a sea of memories. We O’s fans were so lucky to have him!

In 1986, I went to an O’s-Blue Jays game that the Birds won in 13 innings 7-6. Larry Sheets hit the game winning homer. Earl was managing his final season. My great aunt, who passed away the following year, took myself, my father and brother to the contest. We sat in the lower deck, first base side at old Memorial. Every time Earl came out of the dugout, this 82 year old lady went berserk. She loved Earl, as the city did. When we picked her up at the nursing home before the game, I remember her telling the nurses at the check in desk, “If you hear on the radio that an elderly lady has run out onto the field and is kissing Earl Weaver, don’t worry, it is only me!” Never before and I don’t think ever again will we see a manager make an impact on a sports city like Earl did. He was as magic as the Orioles!

I absolutely love that Earl Weaver was honored last summer. He lived long enough to know how much he was appreciated. It was great when he came out onto the field and kicked a bit of dirt in the umpire’s direction! Great sense of humor and always a winner.

RIP ; You wer the greatest Manager ever!!!!

I remember going to Orioles games at Memorial Stadium. I loved watching Earl turn his hat around and the dirt.

Every time the O’s hit a 3-run homer, I imagine Earl is grinning from ear to ear!

Piss + vinegar = Earl. Always my hero, never to
be forgotten.

As a kid I went many games at Memorial Park, Lots of good memories, but the best was being on top of the Orioles dug out on my birthday and getting a foul ball I caught autographed and being wished happy birthday. Earl always stood up and complained on bad calls sometimes got thrown out of the game. Greatest Manager ever in Major League Baseball. Rest in peace Earl, never to be forgotten.

Earl Weaver was the Golden Manager during the Golden Age of the Baltimore Orioles. Brooks, Franks, McNally, Palmer, Ripken, Boog…… One of the most colorful and distinguishes baseball managers in baseball.

He will be forever the face of Orioles baseball greatness.There will not be another like him again.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Weaver family. Earl Weaver was such a huge part of my childhood. The time I spent with my dad going to games, watching them on TV or listening to them on the radio are memories I will forever cherish. Earl’s passion for the game of baseball was contagious. RIP in Mr. Weaver, you will forever be remembered as the Earl of Baltimore.

I miss Coach Weaver. It was always fun to watch him come storming out of the dugout..He knew each of his players and what they could do and wasnt about to stand by and watch when he thought the call was odd. It was always a shame to see him get ejected from games but at least you knew that he was 100% in to the game and was determined to back up his players at any time. There will never be another coach like Earl weaver. Thank you Coach Weaver and bless you!

I use to love watching Earl turn his hate backwards when he argued with an umpire, so as not to bump him with the bill of his hat.

Earl was and is and will always be The Greatest Manager to ever manage The Baltimore Orioles. The Earl of Baltimore. Baseball changed when Earl retired. The Orioles are still the Best. But for me, going to the game with my family was awesome. Just knowing Earl was going to be there made the memories much more special. The game will never be the same. R.I.P. FRIEND. Heaven held a special place for you. Now you can again manage all the Great Orioles from the past. What a fantastic game that will be. All of Baltimore mourns your passing. What more of a legacy could one ask for. To have the whole Country Celebrate you and your life. So Earl to in peace and give them HELL UP THERE.

Being an Orioles fan since watching the 1970 WS with my brothers and dad, who is from Baltimore, my fondest Earl Weaver memory comes from the 2010 All-Star Game FanFest where the Earl of Baltimore was holding a Q & A. Donning the black and orange and a Birds cap, I asked Earl, “Please, Earl, will you please comeback and manage the O’s?!!” Earl responded with a twinkle in his eye and chuckle, “I wish.” What a gamer, I hope they don’t implement instant reply anymore than for HR’s, because I’d miss the ART OF ARGUING. GO O’s!!!!!!!!!!

Pitching, defense and the three run homer! It won games then and it’s winning games now. A rumble with the umpires now and then made it more fun to watch! Thanks for the memories, Earl! You will be missed!

I loved watching Palmer, and Earl go at it in the dugout. It’s just something that wasn’t commonly seen, but every once in a while you could catch them arguing. Funny as hell. He was a great coach. What a hot head too!

I remember him being called, “Baltimore’s soft shell crab!” He was the best!

Earl epitomized the “Oriole Way”. He was a perfect reflection of the city and the Orioles fans– tough, hard-nosed, an underdog who knew how to win. He could be hard on his players but he was soft-hearted and sentimental too. We’ll never see another quite like him.

Growing up in Winston-Salem NC, I remember well seeing Earl and those great Orioles teams of 1969 through the decade of the ’70s. Special times in my life, and Earl was a key part of my childhood. A smart manager and a colorful character. I will always remember him.

I remember the only player that made Earl nervous was Dan Stanhouse. Earl would have to go into the runway and smoke to calm his nerves whenever Stanhouse took the mound.

Many great childhood memories at the ole’ ballpark on 33rd but none greater than watching Earl the master, entertain the masses with his uncanny ability to get tossed. Baltimore will never see the likes of you again. RIP and thanks for the memories.

Earl will be sorely missed. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s watching Earl spin his magic. He added that special flair to the game. I was pleased to see he was there for the unveiling of his statue. God bless you and keep you Earl.

Loved the spirit and great baseball knowledge the Earl of Baltimore had. He was one of a kind! You will be missed Earl, their will never be another like you. RIP Mr. Weaver.

Oh Earl; I can still see your hand in your back pocket screaming at the ump; such a passionate manager whom will go down as Baltimores best! Thanks for all you did for the O’s team. I will always remember you. My best to the Weaver family as Earl was truly one of a kind.

From the firey arguments with the umpires and the dominate Orioles teams he managed to the final weekend that came up just so short Earl you will forever bre a fond memory of my childhood experiances at Memorial Stadium watching my beloved Orioles. RIP Mr Weaver forever The Earl of Baltimore.

I remember growing up as a boy and watching Earl come out of the dugout, turning his hat around and giving the umps a hard time. When/if he got tossed from the game, he’d go over and kick dirt all over the plate. No matter what happened at the end of the day, Earl was respected by all. When I took my son to the Earl Weaver statue unveiling last year, just seeing him and watching all the old clips brought back memories and a few tears to my eyes. Earl, you are a great man, coach and will truly be missed by all.

1982 last four games games of the season and four games back. Won the double header on Friday and then the Saturday game. Lost on Sunday but one of the greatest images in Orioles history when no one left the staduim but stood there cheering for the way the O’s played but mostly because this was supposed to be Earl’s last game. Finally Earl came out with tear’s in his eye’s waving at the crowd. He loved this team and this city.
Thanks for all of the memories Earl.

Earl will always be synonymous with the Orioles, having grown up in the 70-80’s. Loved those arguments with the umps – turning the hat backwards and the dirt kicking. He was one feisty guy! Baltimore will always love you Earl. Thank you for the memories and everything you did for our great team, the Baltimore Orioles.

Earl was a man that did not allow anyone tell him what to do. If he was mad he showed it, by throwing his hat to the ground or he would turn his hat around to get into someones face. The best was when he would go to home plate and kick the dirt on the plate after the ump would clean the plate, then he would be thrown out of the game. Even though he was out of the game he would be telling his staff what to do from the locker room. He even tried to do that last year during the celebration. It was cold and raining and he had his coat around his ears he showed up for all of the parties.. He passed away on fan fest in January, and that was all anyone was talking about. You will surely be missed the Duke of Earl.

I had the privilege of sharing a cruise with Earl Weaver and his family members and his “family” of baseball acquaintances in Jan 2012. Two things … he hated to lose … at anything! … and he had no tolerance for anyone “pushing” their position over someone else … truly great to be around …

I remember when he kicks dirt on the umpires

I loved watching Earl from the stands all those wonderful years he was our manager, but my greatest delight was meeting him at a spring training game about 9 years ago. He was such a considerate and giving gentleman and was so kind to all the fans who asked for autographs and pictures with him. Baseball has lost one of the really good ones. What a pleasure to have met him! Thanks Earl!

My mom n Dad used to take my brother n I to games at Memorial Stadium when we were kids. I remember ALWAYS hoping to see him come out and argue with the umpires in true “Earl Fashion” which usually ended with him being ejected! LOL

As a young girl in 5th grade our assignment was to write a report on our hero. I chose Earl Weaver as mine. I was there for Thanks Earl Day. Enjoyed many of baseball games at the stadium. I was fortunate to get tickets for the last day at Memorial Stadium. I was seated in the mezzanine section, surrounded by former Oriole players. What a day! Earl Weaver took a picture with me. A few years ago he autographed my treasured photo. He will truly be missed.

I grew up with the Birds of the 60s…an era where Baltimore dominated. Living in N. England I didn’t get to visit too often but can remember Earl’s shoebox managemen systemt. I loved it when he went toe-to-toe with the umpires…it always seemed to rally the troops! Earl had a tomato growing contest with my Uncle Weld (Havre de Grace) in the outfield…great memories. God bless you Earl!!!

I followed the Orioles from 1969 on and that just after Earl Weaver started managing them. He was quite a character and it was always a thrill seeing him argue calls. He was the greatest baseball manager of all-time and the world misses him.

I am a Yankee fan but mr. Weaver made me take the oriols as my second team in MLB,rest en peace and my condolencis to his family,I must said that I am from Guatemala Central America and that the Oriols is one of the favorits teams in my country.

I apologize for taking so long to pay tribute to one of the greatest managers in the history of baseball not just the history of the Orioles. Living in the Harrisburg, Pa area but being a lifetime Pirates fan the glory days of both teams crossed paths in the most epic ways twice in my lifetime. Being so close to Baltimore I went to more games in Memorial Stadium than I ever did at Three Rivers or Veterans Stadium and it was a much more pleasant experience at Memorial Stadium. I will always have a fondness for Baltimore and Earl Weaver and the many great players he managed. The people of Baltimore should always be proud to have had an Earl Weaver in their history!

I remember Memorial Stadium and Earl Weaver and the O’s. Those 3 names will forever be entombed into my and Baltimore’s memories.

Member of Red Sox Nation commenting here-but had we had Earl being Earl-we would have run the table.

Earl was the best!!!
Why is the memorial #4 patch not available for ALL to purchase and display in honor of the O’s greatest???

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